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X-12 Water Rocket World Altitude Record Attempt almost fails with 1,909 foot (581.86 meters) average altitude.

U.S. Water Rockets nearly suffered a lost opportunity to set another Water Rocket Altitude Record, when an O-Ring failed under enormous pressure on the record confirming flight.

However, disaster nearly struck when an O-Ring in the nozzle of the craft failed under pressure and allowed the water to start leaking from the rocket. The resulting loss of reaction mass forced the team to attempt a premature second launch. The results of the second launch were not sufficient to back up the altitude achieved in the first launch, so the team had less than an hour to repair the damaged seal and prepare X-12 for another attempt..

With the clock running down and the sun setting on the horizon, the U.S. Water Rockets Team hurried to reset and reload X-12 so there would be sufficient time to pressurize the rocket to sufficient launch pressure to attain the necessary altitude to prove the new record was repeatable. At 7:35PM, with 20 minutes to spare, X-12 flew to 1,899 feet and set a new WRA2 average altitude of 1,909 feet (581.86 meters). U.S. Water Rockets restored X-12 Water Rocket again successfully raised the WRA2 record altitude.

At the victory celebration, the U.S. Water Rockets Team Captain announced that they have set a goal of 2,000 feet by the end of the summer. Redesign of X-12 and the launch systems would need to take place to accomplish this incredible feat, but from the reaction of the crowd it sounded like they were very serious.

If you are interested in the criteria used to set this record, please visit:
Water Rocket Single Stage World Altitude Record Rules

The reconstructed X-12 splashes down after setting another altitude record.

[Gallery] Apogee photos taken from onboard X-12.

Flight one 1,918 feet.

Flight two 1,899 feet.

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