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April 11, 2013 

How to replace your MSP430 LaunchPad male headers with female.

Video tutorial:

MSP430 Launchpad Version 1.5 and newer ship with male headers factory soldered to the board so that MCU Boosterpacks can be used without any soldering required. This change has been met with criticism from users who prefer to build projects using breadboards, because the breadboard jumper pins will only mate with a female header.

Texas Instruments has provided a set of female headers in the package with the MSP430 Launchpad, but the user must remove the male headers and install the female headers to use them. This can be an intimidating task for a user who has limited experience with a soldering iron.

This tutorial will show a clever trick which will make it extremely easy for anyone of any skill level to remove the male headers without damaging the circuit board, and replace them with the female headers provided.

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