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June 8, 2013 

How to make a USWR Split Collar Cable Tie Launcher with Quick Release

This tutorial explains how to make the newest type of Water Rocket Launcher which was invented several years ago by U.S. Water Rockets for their world record rockets. They have decided to release this launcher design under the Creative Commons License system in hopes of attracting serious competition into the record contests. This new type of launcher builds upon the popular Clark Cable Tie Launcher which was invented over a decade ago by Ian Clark. This new variation addresses the issues with the existing design that become apparent at high pressures.

[Photo Gallery] The USWR Split Collar Launcher.

Materials Required:
• 22mm Launch Tube (See Launch tube construction Tutorial)
• Clark Cable Tie Release (See Cable Tie Release Mechanism Tutorial)
• About 3" of PVC collar
• Locking Pliers with wide jaws.

Tools Required:
• Saw.
• Vise.

Step 1: Preparing an existing launch tube:

The U.S. Water Rockets Split Collar Cable Tie Launcher is a variation of the Clark Cable Tie Launcher and 22mm O-Ring Launch Tube designs which were explained in our previous tutorials. If you do not already have these components, please refer to the previous tutorials to learn how to build these portions of the new launcher release.

[Photo Gallery]

Step 2: Make the split collar:

Create a cable tie release collar similar to the one that was used for the Clark Cable Tie Launcher design, but omit the holes used for the release cord to tie to. Instead of drilling the holes for the release cord, you will need to cut the collar in half along the length of the collar.

[Photo Gallery]

Step 3: Configure the locking pliers:

You will need to purchase a pair of locking pliers with a jaw opening large enough to encircle both halves of the split collar. There are plenty of different types of locking pliers on the market, you will need to find a sturdy pair which has a small tab which unlocks the pliers. This is how the clamp will be remotely released. You can drill a hole in the tab that opens the pliers and use this as a connection point for a remote release, or you can tape or glue a release to the tab. Any method that allows the pliers to be opened from a distance will be suitable.

[Photo Gallery]

Step 4: Launching the Rocket:

The rocket is installed on the launch tube the same way you would load it for use with a Clark Cable Tie launcher, but you will clamp the two halves of the split collar into place with the locking pliers. The split collar will hold the rocket until it is pressurized and will release the rocket when the locking pliers are opened by the remote release.

[Photo Gallery]

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