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April 20, 2013 

A simple method for adding an o-ring to your launch tube.

Video tutorial:

A few weeks ago, we updated the Launch Tube assembly portion of our popular Clark Cable Tie Launcher construction tutorial with revised instructions which simplify the build and improve the design. We have put a lot of effort into simplifying the design to remove steps which involve precise measurements and part placement, to maximize the ease of construction.

To expose the design to a wider audience which may include those who communicate with a different language, we created a video tutorial showing how the launch tube is made, which should be easily followed without any language translation. The tutorial shows each step in detail, but if there are any questions about any of the steps, feel free to leave us feedback and we will be happy to assist.

This tutorial is the first in a series of tutorials which illustrate how to build the optimum cable tie launching system for high pressure water rockets. Check back soon for the next installment.

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