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X-12 Launching.

About U.S. Water Rockets

The U.S. Water Rockets Team is a well established independent group focused on rocket related projects, with a particular emphasis on water rockets. Water rockets are a specific class of rockets characterized by their unique method of propulsion, which consists of liquid water expelled from a nozzle using only compressed air as energy storage.

The team was founded in 2003 to compete in the newly announced WRA2 water rocket altitude competition. Before formally forming the team, many members experimented with both homemade and premanufactured water rockets and water rocket propelled cars dating back to 1974.

On September 2, 2004, the team set the first world altitude record for water rocket to be recognized by the WRA2. Since then they have gone on to break their own record 6 times.

On November 9, 2005, the team became the first water rocket team to be featured on an internationally syndicated television program (Mythbusters, Episode 42)

The team has focused on projects ranging from the first water rocket onboard telemetry system, to published plans for an extremely low cost servomotor actuated parachute system known as ServoChron(tm). In addition to electronics expertise, the team pioneered construction methods for creating high pressure water rockets using composite materials. Their pioneering work in determining the optimal airframe shape, and their extensive testing to create fabrication techniques for these long narrow airframes has been the inspiration for many upstart teams hoping to emulate the successful designs.

Current projects being developed include some new electronics plans to be published shortly as well as the most complete set of water rocket tutorials ever to be assembled in on place.
Rocket Team meetings are Saturdays at 7:00pm at the Team Headquarters, and weeknights at 7:00pm in the Vehicle Assembly Building. Launch days are scheduled year round on days when weather is favorable.

USWaterRockets launch site at beautiful Galway Lake in upstate New York as seen on July 14th, 1928.    USWaterRockets launch site as seen on July 4th 2012.
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