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Rebuilt X-12 Water Rocket Increments World Altitude Record with 1,818 foot (554.13 meter) average altitude.

With an average altitude of 1,818 feet (554.13 meters), U.S. Water Rockets Rebuilt X-12 Water Rocket again raises WRA2 record altitude.

U.S. Water Rockets, the World Altitude Record holders recently been featured on The Discovery Channel's Mythbusters program, have once again incremented the world record altitude for water/air powered rocket flight.

Their X-12 Water Rocket underwent extensive repairs and improvements, after suffering what appeared to be a fatal crash from over 1,800 feet in the air, flew three times in the two hour window of time allotted by the rules, and the first and last flights were of sufficient altitude when averaged to boost the World Record to a new height.

The first flight of the evening went an outstanding 1,833 feet, reaching a single flight altitude best performance to date. The flight was uneventful, and upon landing the altimeter data and onboard video (see links at the bottom of this page) were downloaded from the electronics payload package for analysis. The data was read intact and quickly examined for any problems. The U.S. Water Rockets Launch Crew was encouraged by the new data and rapidly prepared for the second launch with the same parameters, hoping to duplicate the flight and bring the average of the two flights high enough to capture a new record.

Unfortunately, the pressure seals on the launchpad suffered unseen damage at some point during the previous launch or preparation phase, and began leaking pressure. The launch sequence was initiated, but the reaction mass had all escaped and the flight was discounted because it was powered by the air pressure alone and perhaps some traces of water clearly insufficient to qualify as a water rocket.

In a tribute to their skills and great amount of practice, the U.S. Water Rockets Ground Crew repaired and prepared the rocket for a third launch attempt in record time. The third launch went very well, and achieved an altitude of 1,803 feet. The average of the first and third flights was determined to be 1,818 feet (554.13 Meters), which not only set a new world record, but also broke the 1,800 foot mark for the first time ever by a Water Rocket.

A U.S. Water Rockets crew member, speaking under terms of anonymity, disclosed the secret team goal of breaking the next century mark (1,900 feet) by the end of July.

If you are interested in the criteria used to set this record, please visit:
Water Rocket Single Stage World Altitude Record Rules

The reconstructed X-12 parachutes to safety after setting another new altitude record.

Apogee photo taken from onboard X-12 at an 1,833 feet during the first flight on April 30th 2006.

Flight one 1,833 feet.

Flight two 1,803 feet.

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