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U.S. Water Rockets breaks their recent water rocket world record.

The researchers at U.S. Water Rockets today, with an average altitude of 1,471 feet, beat their previous official WRA2 altitude record with another series of shakedown flights of their experimental Water Rocket X-10.

The team at U.S. Water Rockets established another new World Record for Altitude with an average altitude of 1,421 feet, surpassing their old record by 50 feet, during shakedown flights earlier today. The team was conducting experiments to determine the optimum water volume when they unexpectedly broke their own record.

Eyewitnesses report that the record would have been a lot higher, but the rocket malfunctioned on the second of the required two flights and did not reach the desired apogee. The acceleration forces experienced at liftoff caused the lightweight nosecone to deform, which in turn forced the nose section down into the top portion of the rocket. The nose of the rocket turned instantly from a sleek round nose to a blunt open scoop, which acted like an air brake. Analysis of the altimeter data indicates that this is indeed what happened.

The flights today were only intended to validate computer models for reaction mass, and to test a new dual-altimeter system intended to produce higher resolution flight data curves, according to the Engineers at U.S. Water Rockets. They explained that new flight control software in the flight control computer activates a pair of altimeters with a sequence to stagger their sampling period by one half of a sample. The net result is an averaged data curve with double the time resolution of a single altimeter alone, with the side benefit of having a backup for record submission in case one altimeter fails.

The X-10 Rocket falls into a class of model rockets known as a "True Water Rocket". these rockets use compressed air to force a volume of water from a nozzle, which creates the thrust which propels the rocket into the air. X-10 is the tenth in a series of experimental designs flight-tested by U.S. Water Rockets over the course of 13 months. X-10 is completely hand-fabricated primarily from an 8 foot polycarbonate tube normally used as a protective cover for Fluorescent lamps and high-strength composite materials.

U.S. Water Rockets intends to continue refining their computer models and periodically best their current new record in future flights of X-10.

If you are interested in the criteria used to set this record, please visit:
Water Rocket Single Stage World Altitude Record Rules

U.S. Water Rockets' X-10 lifts off on another record-breaking flight.

A bird's eye view from an altitude of 1,544 feet!

Flight one 1,544 feet.

Flight two 1,399 feet.

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