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May 24, 2013 

Ruggedizing your MSP430 LaunchPad

Video tutorial:

During the development of the ServoChron MSP430 LaunchPad based Rocket Recovery Servo Controller and the Axial Parachute Deploy Mechanism, we performed a number of test launches and validated the designs. You can see video examples of some of the development test flights taken from onboard video cameras that show these systems in action if you view the following videos:

However, we noticed that after a number of successful flights, our rocket suffered a parachute deploy failure and it fatally crashed as a result. When we examined the wreckage to find out what had happened, we discovered that the removable jumpers can come loose over time if your MSP430 LaunchPad is subjected to high accelerartion or vibration forces.

If you would like to make your own ServoChron Rocket Parachute Recovery Controller, you can find the complete instructions, sample videos, and tutorials at the following link:

ServoChron™ 2 Tutorial.

If you would like to build a nosecone mounted Axial Parachute Deploy Mechanism like the one in this tutorial, you can find the complete building instructions and tutorial and text videos at this link:

Water Rocket Axial Parachute Deploy System Tutorial.

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