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U.S. Water Rockets,has created a new Windows Compatible Screensaver Program containing hundreds of breathtaking aerial photos from their 2006 Water Rocket gallery.

U.S. Water Rockets has just announced a newly created photo documentary journaling their 2006 WRA2 World Record Altitude and Experimental Water Rocket Launches in the form of a Microsoft Windows Compatible Screensaver for all PCs.

The new screensaver details many of their 2006 record flights and contains their world famous Fall Foliage Aerial Photos, which were shot in the peak of the leaf season in northern New York State.

The new Screeensaver is simply loaded with breathtaking views from high altitudes, and ground camera footage from dozens of launches that kids young, old and young at heart will enjoy

After setting another series of increasingly higher WRA2 Altitude Records for Water Rockets, and becoming the first True Water Rocket to break 2,000 feet in altitude, U.S. Water Rockets has once again taken some time from our busy launch schedule to share some of their most specatcular and gorgeous aerial photos in the form of a free Microsoft Windows Compatible Screensaver.

This year, the Screensaver includes images from our WRA2 World Record flights, as well as experimental flights and flights that were not eligible for WRA2 world record status, such as flights over 2,000 feet which did not qualify due to the fact the flights were not replicated in the time allotted by the WRA2 Water Rocket World Record Rules. Also included are images taken with different camera views, including side views of the distant horizon and reverse views of the ground below from outrageous heights.

The Screensaver would not be complete unless it also included the U.S. Water Rockets' world famous Fall Foliage aerial tour, which it does once more, in spectacular fashion!

This Water Rocket Aerial Photo collection chronicles their previous year of Water Rocket launches

The file is being distributed for free from U.S. Water Rockets, and a link is included below to download the file.
The system requirements are:
  • 300MHz Pentium III or higher
  • 32 Megabytes of free RAM
  • 16 Megabytes of free disk space
  • 640x480 16-bit color video card and monitor

If you are interested downloading the screensaver:

Download: •  2006 Screensaver (15,478Kb zip)

2006 Screensaver preview.

USWaterRockets 2006 aerial photographs screensaver.

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